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    A View from the Pew

    Tell Them About Me - the project, the song

    Well, we did it. We completed the final mastering on my fourth and newest CD project Tell Them About Me and sent eleven songs with the CD to the publisher for their review. We should know soon which publisher will release the project and music but not knowing who or when is still all part of the great unknown. We walk by faith, not by sight.

    I admit that mystery sometimes annoys me. Something within you gnaws inside and demands action, a response of some kind and in some way. Tell Them About Me began as a prayer of discernment. After my physicians told me that I could no longer work within a ministerial setting because of the amount of time spent in the sitting position, I wondered. What now, Jesus? The answer came very swiftly but without much direction. “Tell them about me. Tell them about me.”

    Pretty straightforward is this God of ours.

    The collection of music in Tell Them About Me is a composite of original music and lyrics that span a period of 38 years.  I recorded several of the pieces in earlier collections and revisited the material, rewriting some of the passages, rearranging some of the voices and rewriting some of the lyrics. I gave birth to other music and lyrics as a response to a class that I took in justice and scripture. And the title song is a direct result of the ‘Now what?’ prayer after I left a traditional work setting to set out on the proverbial freelance trail.

    Inspired by Francis X. Clooney, S.J.’s “Christ In Ten Thousand Places, In Every Blade of Grass,” James Martin, S.J.’s My Life with the Saints and Elizabeth Johnson CSJ’s Friends of God and Prophets, I wrote the song Tell Them About Me as a prayer of thanksgiving and mission. I include the finished song for your own prayer and reflection here. Thanks to Micah Christian for lending his vocal talents and his heart to the piece and to Ron Gamache for his inspired artistry of the song.

    Today is my 28th wedding anniversary and Father’s Day. May I offer profound gratitude to my husband Patrick for his unending support and encouragement on behalf of Tell Them About Me and for being the best husband and father in the world. Deepest thanks to Deacon Marcel Morency, my dad, who financed the project.

    Say a prayer for the success of Tell Them About Me.