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    A View from the Pew

    Arts Move Hearts Foundation


    To provide sustainable living income for young artists as they continue to shape their careers in the areas of music, art, theater, composition and dance.


    To offer young artists the opportunity to perfect their craft through practice, study and performance while sustaining their livelihood through ArtsMoveHearts Foundation grants.


    The arts move hearts into a realm beyond the ordinary. We live our lives surrounded by them and find it difficult to imagine life without the beauty they provide in a myriad of ways. Yet, too often, we neglect the people who create them. Musicians must eat to survive. Artists must pay rent to have a roof over their heads. Dancers must pay health insurance to protect their bodies from harm. Composers must pay utilities to issue the works they create. To generate any fine art, all performers must invest countless hours of practice and study to perfect their skills so that they can compete in the market place for work in their fields. Yet, when they enter the professional realm, so many young artists with years of invested study, practice and money to learn their craft depend on other kinds of work that have little or nothing to do with their art form. Time spent to earn income for basic living expenses deprives artists of the precious hours they need to practice and search for opportunities to work in their own fields.

    ArtMoveHearts Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to assist young artists to sustain their livelihood as they practice, study and perform within the first three years of their professional careers. In return, the recipients of AMHF funding must perform community service within their art form as a way of giving back what they have received. The more creative the service, the broader applicants will receive consideration from the AMHF Board of Directors.

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